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Johnny had his eleventh birthday. Of course he was excited, as he had already heard that there might be a surprise waiting for him at school. And soon enough, on the second period, Miss Johnson, the English teacher presented him with a muffin decorated up as a birthday cake, and the entire class sang him the happy birthday song.
But that wasn't everything! Miss Johnson had prepared a very special surprise for Johnny.
—Dear Johnny, since you have the best grades in English at school, I decided to make this birthday really special. Since you did several homework projects on hypnosis, I believe you'll be happy that I invited a real hypnotist to turn this lesson into a show!
Johnny of course was exhilarated, and the entire class cheered and clapped thunderously, as the hypnotist appeared. She was a cutesy, twenty-something girl with curly hair and flashy clothes, and was accompanied by a boy around her age wearing a valet uniform and bunny ears, actually hopping around like a bunny.
—Hello kids, I'm Miss Hypnotica, and this is my assistant Bunny. Of course I hypnotized him too, wouldn't have it any other way. Soon you too will experience the magic of hypnosis, but first, I want some room to work here. Could you help Bunny move the desks out of the way? There, good, push them to the walls, and make a nice circle of chairs around.
Soon the awkwardly hopping Bunny and the children arranged the classroom for a show, and the kids sat down in a circle, waiting for the magic. With that, Miss Hypnotica stood in front of the blackboard, and stared at the children with a deep look.

Look deeply into my eyes
It's too late now to realize
That you're all under my spell
And what you will be
Only I will tell!

The children were all transfixed, with their jaws dropped, mouths slack, frozen in whatever position they were in at the time they looked at the hypnotist's eyes.

A show that I shall give to you
But you will all star in it too
Now you're free to look and awe and gape
And witness all your classmates' fate!

Johnny could move his head around again, but still wasn't able to move any other part of his body. He looked at the others, who were in a similar predicament. Some kids looked scared, but most were kind of enjoying the weirdness of the ride.
The hypnotist paced around, smiling and saying a few comforting words to the kids who looked scared, and reassured the teacher that everything is going to be okay here. Then, she walked over to Lynda. She was the biggest and tallest girl in class, with a huge belly and a cute face. Taking her hand, she helped the girl to her feet, led her to the middle of the circle, and looked into her eyes.

You're a little teapot, short and stout
Here's your handle, here's your spout!

With that, she guided the girls arms into the teapot pose, and truly enough, Lynda, staring off dreamily into space, did the dance that goes with it, "pouring the tea out" every five seconds or so. Then the hypnotist's eyes settled on Danny, the smallest boy in class. He was very thin and short too, and had a secret crush on Lynda. Miss Hypnotica pulled the boy to his feet, stared into his eyes, and then made him look at Lynda-turned-teapot.

You are now a dainty cup
But a teapot's here to fill you up!

The boy, with a hungry expression on his face, ran over to Lynda, and hurriedly settled down on the ground under her "spout", pulling his knees up, and making the shape of a cup with his arms. He froze there, looking up at the buckling spout of the big girl with adoration, waiting for the tea to fill him.

Johnny was really excited seeing his classmates hypnotized into becoming various things. He often had fantasies about this, and really liked cartoons too where a hero was hypnotized into thinking he was a dog or monkey or something. He felt an uncomfortable tightness develop in his jeans.

—Why isn't she mufmufmufmuf singing the teapot song?—asked Bunny in a cartoonish voice.
—Silly bunny, because teapots cannot sing now can they?!—answered the hypnotist.—Maybe I'll turn you into one too if you keep asking stupid questions!
—No mufmufmufmuf… Bunny likes being a bunny mufmufmuf!—Bunny said, hopping away into a corner, looking ashamed.

The hypnotist then proceeded to assign new roles to kids. A small girl became an electric fan, rotating around with her mouth open and blowing as hard as she could, three boys became a locomotive and coaches, now running around the classroom as a train, Darren the class bully was now a baby doll, sitting on the ground, mechanically repeating "MA-MA" in a machinelike voice, time to time plunging his thumb into his mouth like an automaton, only to remove it again and say "MA-MA" over and over.

She finally came to Diane, Johnny's crush. She helped her up as well, looking her over, and then with the look of decision on her face, rhymed to her in her hypnotic tone:

You're a little butterfly
So flap your wings and flutter by!

That's exactly what Dia did, raising her hands to her neck and fluttering them like wings, and skipping around with a curious yet distant look, examining the hypnotized kids and settling down from time to time.

Next was her twin brother Dean. The hypnotist unceremoniously pulled the T-shirt off the boy, and put a yellow one on him that she produced from her bag.

Twins are close, I know that but
A butterfly you can be not
You're now a chair, warm, soft and mellow
And butterflies love to sit on yellow.

Dean, with a look of relief, huddled down in a position mimicking a chair, his face freezing over with a serene expression. Soon enough, Diane skipped over and settled lightly on his lap, still fluttering her "wings" occasionally.

Then, three other kids became chairs too, and Jim, the tallest boy in class became a table, freezing in a bridge pose with his stomach as the table surface. Eventually, Johnny was the last to be turned into something, and he watched with awe and excitement as his classmates were molded under the hypnotist's command. There was a clock boy, a lamp girl, an apple tree girl with her fists and inflated puffy red cheeks as apples, a ballerina doll boy… Too much to count even. Finally it was his turn. He had a butterflies in his stomach and an even worse tightness in his jeans.

—So birthday boy, enjoying the ride so far?—asked the hypnotist.
—Yes Miss Hypnotica, are you going to turn me into something too?
—I take you would like that. Of course I will. But since you're the birthday boy, you'll have a choice. I can make something boyish and cool out of you, or something girly and cutesy.—Johnny opened his mouth to answer, but Miss Hypnotica cut him short.—But since I'm a magician and all, I know about your crush for our little butterfly here. If you choose the boyish way, she will never play with you.
—Please Miss Hypnotica, make me into something that Diane will play with!
—That a boy. Happy birthday and happy becoming something else day!

Johnny darling don't be blue,
This is my present to you:
Enchantment you crave so much,
And a thousand kisses from your crush
A cutesy flower you will be
With petals red and nectar sweet
Butterflies love flowers pretty
Your little crush will kiss you silly!

True enough, Johnny slowly straightened up with a cute, girlish pout of surprise and pleasure on his face. His arms rose into the air as leaves, and his cheeks reddened up with blush as his mouth contracted into a pretty rosebud pucker. Soon his face froze in puckered pleasure, with his body waving gently as in the wind.
And Diane did in fact flutter up from Dean's lap, flapped around Johnny-flower, and eventually settled a huge, noisy kiss on his red cheek, leaving a mark of glistening wetness.

Miss Hypnotica looked over the class contentedly. She smiled at her handiwork. The entire class turned out wonderful, but her favorite was the teapot and cup pair, a true masterpiece she had to admit. Finally, she turned to the teacher.

What you see here is from now the norm
This is your pupils' regular form.

With that she snapped her finger, and left with Bunny in tow.

The rest of the day was a bit awkward, but the teachers managed somehow.
In the end, life continued, with each of the enchanted children and their families settling into the new run of things.
Lynda-teapot and Danny-cup became inseparable, and a true attraction at any pajama party their siblings arranged.
The baby sister of Darren-doll the former bully became to most popular girl in preschool for having his brother as a dolly.
And Johnny-flower's family had to adjust a bit to having a flower for a son, but it worked out eventually, he got lots of sunlight and water, and after school they regularly invited Diane-butterfly over to play. Johnny-flower did in fact get a thousand kisses from his crush, even more maybe.
"Preteen fantasies" is a collection of dreams and presexual fantasies I had as a kid, from 4 years to 13 years of age. :) Revamped of course as a proper story, but the original theme and feel unchanged.
Most of them will have to do with stage magic, hypnosis, transformation, and various Roald Dahlian weirdnesses.
They contain actual dream logic, and aren't meant to be dark or thought-provoking, but read accordingly, of course they can be that. I prefer to think of them as something like weird Saturday morning cartoons though, set in a happy go lucky, no-consequences universe. :)
Kitsune1987 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Student General Artist
I like it! It was very fun reading it. I also had similar dreams and fantasies about hypnotism. :)
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