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The school nurse came up to Tom's class in a recess, and asked the pupils to come down to the doctor's office. There was some uneasy whispering, a wimpy kid started asking others if they knew anything, and if they are going to get a shot or no… Eventually, they all filed down to the waiting room.

The nurse was waiting for them along with two redheaded young girls around seventeen, both of them were quite big, had cute round faces, and wore white nurse outfits with a logo of a teddy bear on their chests.
—Children—the nurse began—as you might have already heard, our school is part of the Kindergarten Supply Volunteer Program, and based on your scores last year, we have selected your class for this year.
A flurry of giggles went up from the girls, some of them hugging and whispering in each others' ears, while the boys were either clueless or scared.
—These two cute girls are going to help you today, meet Annie and Betty.—The redheads bowed a bit and said "hi" in turn.—Girls, we have talked about this in the girls only homeroom class, please make sure to take care of the boys throughout this.
—Okay children, we need to set up inside, please come in in pairs as we call you. Thanks!—the redheads said, disappearing in the doctor's office.

Each girl stepped to a boy, and softly taking his hand, started talking. There seemed to be a plan to the pairings though, as the few couples that were in class stayed together, with the girlfriends choosing their boys, and he knew from talks that some boys did in fact get the girls they had crushes on. There were more girls in the class, so some boys had two or three girls around. Tom found somewhat alarmed that his secret crush, the tallest girl in the class, Emmy was heading for him.

Arthur, the wimpy kid who asked about the shot before, started whining to the nurse that he has an official paper from home that he is exempt from the program.
—I'm sorry Artie, I cannot accept this paper, it doesn't have a proper form.
—Then let me go home and fix it—bawled the kid, breaking into tears.
—You know very well you cannot go home during classes Artie. Come on, it won't be that bad—the nurse said.
The girl who paired up with him, a fat girl about twice his size, also stroked his head, making consoling and hushing baby talk sounds, as she led the boy to a chair.

—So do you know about the program, Tommie?—asked Emmy.
—Well I remember at kindergarten they mentioned it… when we got new toys—Tom replied.
—Yes well now you are going to be going back to kindergarten. As a toy.—The girl whispered in his ear, holding him close.—As a dolly for little girls. Those redheads are witches you know, they have a magic box that will turn you into a dolly.
—Oh, what about girls you ask? Well this also has a purpose to make the ratio of genders better, so we're going to be divided into the rest of the eighth year classes.
—Yes, every boy in the class will be a dolly. It's because our points were the worst in last year's finals. Too bad your pal Tony is sick today, I wanted to see him be a doll too. Maybe he'll also be put in another class.
The boy listened to this with a sinking and distant feeling, almost automatically asking one-word questions now and then.

Most of the boys had a similar reaction. Some apparently knew about this system beforehand, and took to it with a numb panic. Artie was still crying.
—Let me phone my mom!—he screamed, but the big girl hushed him.
—Don't worry little Artie… Your mommy won't miss you at all, and think how happy you'll make the little girls at the kindergarten. And you'll have so many mommies, and you'll be so loved…

Eventually one of the redheads appeared, and asked for the first boy to come. His pair took his hand, and led him inside, a frozen panic on his face. A few minutes later the girl came out, jumping with excitement, and ran to her girlfriend, and they started whispering and giggling. After the first few turns, the girls who have been inside were huddled together, sharing stories in hushed voices, sometimes a loud "so CUUUTE!" scream escaping their ranks. Some of them were measuring up the boys still outside, and giggled to themselves.

—Arthur Green—the redhead called.
Artie was still weeping silently, as his pair, Mary, was kissing his face all over.
—Who has the cutest little boyfriend? I do!—she chimed.—Don't make your new girlfriend sad, Artie, smile at me!
—I'm not going in…—he sobbed.
The redhead Annie came over with a concerned look.
—Don't be afraid little one, it's time to be a dolly. Don't worry it won't hurt!  And aren't you happy what a cute girlfriend you have?
—But I'm not supposed to be…—he began, but the redhead cut him short.
—You know what? I don't have a boyfriend right now, so if you come in like a good boy, I'll also be your girlfriend for the ride.—and with that, knelt down and kissed the boy on the lips.
He went slightly limp, but still tried to struggle a bit. The two girls took him from both sides, and led him inside, comforting him and telling him what a lovely doll he'll make.

Mary appeared with eyes teary and a huge smile, clenching her hands in front of her heart, and ran to the group of girls who were done, and started talking in a bright tone full of warmth.—His last words were "Ma-mma", and he said it to ME!—she gushed so loud that everyone could hear in the room. The girls around her ooh-ed with awe and affection.

Eventually, as boys grew fewer and fewer, Tom was also called.
—Come Tommie, be a doll for me—said Emmy, taking his hand and leading him toward the doctor's office. The redhead took his other arm when they were in reaching distance, and hugged him as she closed the door behind them.

Inside, apart from the regular equipment, stood a black box with golden stars and moons on it. Its top was open. There was also a row of boxes at the back of the room with plastic fronts, most of them containing a little girl's baby doll.

The redheads swarmed around the boy, petting his head, hugging him, and telling him how cute he will turn out. One of them led him to the body weight scale, and took his measurements, putting it all down into a notebook.
—Were you jealous of Artie?—Emmy asked him when they were done.
—Because he got a girlfriend before becoming a dolly. I know you had this huge crush on me and were afraid to ask me out—she said, putting his arms around Tom's neck.—So I'll be your girlfriend now.
The tall girl hugged him close, his head barely coming up to her neck.
—No boy should become a doll without having his first kiss—she whispered in his ear, standing back, and leaning down to him, kissing him on the lips. First it was just a peck, but closing his eyes, he gave himself over, holding Emmy's face with his palms.

—Alright punkin, it's dolly time for you—one of the redheads said as he resurfaced from the kiss and embrace.—Don't worry, your pretty girlfriend will be holding your hand throughout.
The boy was led to the box, and instructed to sit on the plank inside, leaving his head sticking out on the top. Then the girls closed the lid of the box. There was a three cutouts on it, his head passed through the largest one, but there were two smaller only one inch from his head on each side.
—Put your hands through these—the redhead told him—, so we can hold them as you become a dolly. Dolls must be loved to turn out really nice, so we'll make you feel so good.
As he did, one of the girls pushed something on the box, making the openings shrink. Now they were just the right size to let his wrists and neck through, he couldn't pull his head or his hands down again.

Emmy and Betty took his hands from either side, and started showering him with pecks on his cheeks, making him blush. Annie, the other redhead, stood in front of him with a doll's pacifier in her hand.
—Okay, get ready, you'll be a doll soon!—she said, again pushing something on the box.—Just keep looking at me. That's right, keep your pretty eyes on my face. Feel how soft and warm those kisses are? Yes because you'll be such a lovely doll. Eyes here, look at my face, look how my lips move as I talk darling.
The boy kept squeezing Emmy's and Bett's hands, as he felt his weight shift. As if the plank fell out from under him, he was now suspended by his neck and wrists. Strangely enough, it didn't feel heavy or painful at all.

Annie kept talking to him how he should be looking at her, and how he should be smiling like a good doll. He felt Emmy's hand grow around his, or as he realized, his own hand shrink. Strength left him, his hands and arms felt rigid, with the latter now frozen in an L shape, reaching up to the holes. He also felt his legs straighten and rise into a splayed sitting position.
—You are doing so well dolly!—the girl continued.—Just keep looking at me. You are almost a doll now. Soon you'll be a lovable little plastic dolly through and through! Think of the little girls who will play with you! They will also give you kisses like what you are feeling now. Eyes on my lips dearie.

As the two girls were kissing him, he could feel his cheeks puff up and balloon out, and yet the lips showering him in affection seemed to grow as well. He felt his mouth pucker up, and open into a perfect "o" shape of a feed me doll.
—Mo.. Momomomommmm… Moh… M… ooooh! O… Oooh! Ooooooh o…—he cooed, driven by a deep urge to vocalize as his lips finally froze into place.
—Very soon now!—Annie cheered.—You're almost there, dolly! Dolly-dolly tommy dolly, Tommy is a little dolly!—she sing-songed to him.
—Be a good little dolly for me, I'll miss you—whispered Emmy, kissing him on the ear, longer than the pecks before.

Suddenly something felt wrong. It was as if something was missing. Tommy squealed through his frozen doll "o"-lips in a high, desperate voice.
—Last phase, sweetkins—said Annie.—You miss your dummy don't you? When I put this through your dolly lips, you will finally be a doll. Here goes the choo-choo train! Get ready to be a doll, five, four…—Tommy was squealing in rising frustration, fixated on the teat of the pacifier.—Threetwoone, boom!—the girl gushed, pluging the paci into the doll's mouth.
Tommy was complete. He felt contented and loved, and the dummy filled his mouth with tingly goodness. The girls were still holding his hands and kissing him, and now Annie also joined in, showering his forehead and tiny doll nose with pecks. "Dolly-dolly tommy dolly", he sing-songed in his head. Dolly dolly tommy dolly dolly dolly dolly dolly doll doll dah doll tah doll ddd… dadad… dddddddd… …

The girls removed the feed me doll from the box, and placed it in its paper case. Emmy gave it one last kiss on the top of its head as a goodbye, and left the office, looking over the remaining two boys, and running over to the group of girls, eager to tell them how cute Tommy turned out.
"Preteen fantasies" is a collection of dreams and presexual fantasies I had as a kid, from 4 years to 13 years of age. :) Revamped of course as a proper story, but the original theme and feel unchanged.
Most of them will have to do with stage magic, hypnosis, transformation, and various Roald Dahlian weirdnesses.
They contain actual dream logic, and aren't meant to be dark or thought-provoking, but read accordingly, of course they can be that. I prefer to think of them as something like weird Saturday morning cartoons though, set in a happy go lucky, no-consequences universe. :)
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Kobi-Tfs Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice.XD
EvanVolker Featured By Owner May 11, 2012
I really only have one memory of any childhood fantasies I've ever had. It involved a girl that was a good friend of mine. I only remember bits and pieces of it. I'm amazed you can remember these in such detail.
yournamehere8888 Featured By Owner May 10, 2012   Writer
If nothinge else, it's original.
Gotta ask though, how did you manage to keep these intact in your head from childhood until now?
D4n1-chan Featured By Owner May 16, 2012
Haha, most of them were of course just vague ideas and pieces of dreams, so there was a huge amount of editing and classic writing involved.
But anyway, well I have a good memory.
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